Ah the bike industry sure does love to make new "standards" all the time, eh?


Image Credit: https://xkcd.com/927/

Our stock handlebar mounts fit 35mm standard bars, with a simple shim for 31.8mm, and available shims for smaller 25.4/26.0mm and 22.2mm bars if needed. That's all well-and-good for typical bars with round, straight stem clamp interfaces.

Fully integrated carbon bar/stem combos have been around for a while in the road bike industry, but now more mountain bike companies are introducing bespoke, one-piece handlebars that eliminate all standardized mounting interfaces in favor of unique, ornate shapes with nothing round, nothing straight, and everything constantly tapering. It's almost like they were designed with the specific intent to make mounting any accessories to them impossible. Sure, you can use rubber straps for some things, just seems such a shame to have a beautifully sculpted, svelte, aerodynamic carbon fiber handlebar, then strap some silly thing lazily on top of it.

Ok, that's enough venting, onto the solutions. As with everything else, it will depend entirely on specific model and brand of bars. Canyon and Syncros both offer bars with no provisions for accessory mounting, though some newer models are starting to appear with threaded fittings under the "stem" area to attach mounts. If you have those threaded fittings, you'll want to contact the manufacturer to figure out what accessory mounts are available for that specific model, and if they have any with GoPro tab mounts, which you can then use to attach our lights with our Action Camera Mount adapter. If you don't have those fitting, then sourcing a stem-cap GoPro mount or one that uses one of the headset spacers to add a GoPro mount is the best path to get a solid, secure, and centered mount on the bars.

Thankfully some brands actually think about this ahead of time and make their own accessory mounts, like the Trek RSL handlebars that have Blendr adapters that bolt right to the front of the bars, so you can easily add a GoPro (Action Camera) mount, and use our adapter to mate directly to that. 

If you don't know what model you have or need help finding a solution, email us directly and we'll help you figure it out!