Short answer is: probably not yet, and when we do it won't help reduce the price by all that much. I'll explain.

As a very small company based in the US, we have to pay import fees, duties, VAT, etc, on everything we import into any foreign country. Some are not as bad as others, for example, to ship into Canada is typically just an ~18% adder when local sales taxes are accounted for, but the UK has a 25% VAT to start, with more fees on top of that, so the cost just to import any light can be as high as 40% of the cost of the light, and we have no legal way to get around paying this. 

If we go through a distributor, we can save some freight cost shipping them in bulk, then offer much cheaper shipping direct to you from there, but we still have to pay all the same import duties on the products, even going through distribution, and the distributor themselves doesn't work for free, so we pay even more on top of that. 

We are definitely working on international distribution, so that we can split and absorb some of those costs to make it a bit more palatable, but more importantly so that we can provide the same excellent support for all of our products, no matter where in the world you are, as we don't want to sell a light to someone then leave them hanging out to dry, or waiting weeks for overseas shipping and customs to clear. While we may not be able to reduce international costs significantly until the trade wars between countries stop and tariffs are reduced, we are trying our best to put a sustainable, cost-effective system in place for shipping and support for all our products worldwide. Stay tuned!