Never fear, we have solutions for you! Since there is zero standardization around helmet shapes, nothing is truly universal. We include a Standard Curved mount that works for MOST helmets stock, but also make custom 3D printed mounts for different helmet shapes. For example, if your helmet comes to a point at the top instead of a curve, like the Fox Proframe, we have a Notched mount to straddle the peak and hold firm. If you have a vent gap down the center, like a lot of Giro helmets, we have a Wide mount that spans the gap and attaches on each side. If you have a bulbous section where the mount should go like a few Kali and Fly helmets, we've got a super-curved mount for that. Check out the mount product pages for compatible helmet lists, and if you have any questions or something that isn't listed, just shoot us an email and we'll get you setup right!